Solskjaer has spoken about rumors that Rashford will be out of surgery for up to three months.

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has responded to the latest rumours about Wonderkid striker Marcus Rashford. Prepare to undergo surgery to treat chronic shoulder pain that may require 3 months of restpgslot

"First of all, I must confirm that News of Marcus Rashford's surgery is not true. Because we are in the process of discussing for the best outcome for all parties,” she told

"Of course, Rashford would like to take the time to heal this injury because he's been in it for too long. Even if it's not so severe that it affects the performance too much."

"however This is a delicate matter. because in addition to having to let the doctor down the knife He also had to take quite a long time to heal. so before making a decision We must find the best solution together for the players and the club. With experts from many fields providing information, what was the result? I'll tell you later.”

As most Red Devils fans already know, Rashford has had to endure a year of playing with a chronic shoulder injury. Most of them thought that if he was more fit, the form would have been better. But in the end, we have to wait and see how Solskjaer will decide.